Annie (close_thedoor) wrote in grant_high,

Me, Tami Green, and Tagoui got my geometry teacher fired and now we have this really cool guy named Dr. Ramsey.

Miss Oneto can suck my fucking pussy, 62 spanish terms written 5 times ecah cause 2 people had their names written down when the sub was therE? WHAT IS THAT?????????

700 word essay for english, 70 pages read of Faranheight 451 read by next week (not that bad)
Studyguide and essay test on classical india and china on friday
62 spanish words written 5 times each. test tomorrow
57 geometry problems
27 vocab definitions,lab

Its not that bad, compared to other people's classes. But it never stops and its the first time I do all my hw in 3 years. MY BRAIN HURTS*&*&^&^(*
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